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Check your knowledge about Liv - not an easy quiz, but a very fun one!

Welcome to the special 25's Anniversary Quiz!

answer the 25 questions below to check what fan do you really are ...

1. How many movies did Liv untill now (without less-than-10-sec cameos) ?

2. Which is Liv's eyes ?

3. What was Liv's answer to the question: "Do you want to become the century’s star ?"
"Yes, I hope so!"
"I didn't really think about that - but yes!"
"No, not really. but who knows ?"
"What I want, it’s to go back home and go to bed!"

4. How much money did Liv's movies in U.S. untill now (all of them together, on theaters) ?
$359 million
$585 million
$620 million
$850 million

5. From what event this picture is taken ?
"Stealing Beauty" premiere
Liv's 16th birthday part
Christmas party on the set of "Lord Of The Rings"
Armageddon's premiere

6. In "Armageddon" premiere, Liv also celebrate her ...
21st birthday
20th birthday
24nd birthday
19th birthday

7. From what event this picture it taken ?
"Stealing Beauty" premiere
Cannes film festival 2001
"Lord Of The Rings" premiere
"One Night At McCool's" premiere

What is the connection between this pair  

and this pair ?  

Both actresses played with Liv in 3 different movies
Grandmother & Granddaughter
Peter Jackson

9. In the pic below, Liv is ...
15 years old
18 years old
20 years old
24 years old

10. What is the chronological order of the pics below ?
A, B, C and then D
B, D, C and then A
D, A, C and then B
C, D, A and then B

11. Who is the creature at the right ?
Chiquita the Chihuahua
The luckiest creture on the planet
Liv's favourite mouse
First and second answers are correct

12. Who is Sean & Drew ?
Liv's favourite cousins
Liv's current 2 dogs
Liv's 2 teddy-bears
I have no idea

13. What happened to Liv's pointy ears from Lord Of The Rings ?
They are safe in the Lubre Museum in Paris
Liv forgot them in the car - and they melted
Peter Jackson take them back
Liv gave it to her dad

14. What is the deal with the movie "U-Turn" ?
Liv was supposed to play a role in it, but finally quit
Liv is there for a cameo of 10 seconds
Liv is not in this movie, this is just a rumor
No such movie at all

15. Why didn't Liv get the role in "The professional" (aka Léon) ?
It was way before she started her acting career
Natalie Portman already got this role
The filming was at the same time when "Stealing Beauty" was filmed
She was too tall for the role

16. Liv got engaged on ...
Christmas 2001
Valentine's Day 2001
Valentine's Day 2002
Still not engaged

17. What is true ?
Liv Tyler is also the name of a retro-indie-rock sextet from Chicago
There is star (in the sky!) called Liv Tyler
Both first and second answers are true
All the above is a pure lies

18. Lets make it straight, where did Liv was born - in Maine or in NY ?
Not Maine and not NY - Virginia is the place
She was born in Maine city of NY state

19. What Liv promises she'll do at the age of 25 ?
Get married
Take a year off
Win an Oscar
Quit smoking

20. When Robert Altman first saw Liv getting a makeup, what did he say ?
"Put more blush"
"Why ?"
He said nothing ... for 2 days

21. In "Lord Of The Rings", Liv is saying in Elvish: "Nin o Chithaenglir, lasto beth daer, Rimmo nin Bruinen dan in Ulaer!" - what does it means ?
"Waters of the Misty Mountains Listen to the great word; Flow waters of Loudwater against the Ringwraiths!"
"If you want him - come and claim him!"
"Shut up a little hobbit - you are annoying!"
"The shadow does not hold sway yet. Not over you and not over me!"

22. What was Liv's role in the movie "Naked Gun" ?
She was there for cameo of a 10 seconds
She was presented as Steven Tyler's daughter
She played as Leslie Nielsen's daughter
She wasn't in that movie at all ...

23. Look at the picture, what is Liv gonna say ?

"Hello dad"
"Let me sleep!"
"Hi Harry"
"Noro lim"

24. Harald Zwart ...
Is "One Night At McCool's" director
Is having the same birthday as Liv - 1st of July
Both the above are true
No no no no - Harald Zwart was Liv's teacher in high-school

25. Who is the most angelic creature in the whole galaxy ?
Liv Tyler
The one at the picture!
All of the above!