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Also born on July 1st
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Personal Profile for Liv - by
Personal Astrology Profile for Liv, according to her birthday, if you believe it or not - its fun!

Interesting info
Very interesting facts about Liv - taken from books written about her and her family

Scans Scans Scans ...
Lots of lots of many scans of Liv - Magazines, Ads, Papers, Modeling - amazing collection by Elizabeth Franco

Check your compatibility with Liv
Check your biorhythm-compatibility with Liv according to your name and birthdate

Check your manners
Check the site of The Protocol School of Washington - managed by Liv's grandmother Dorothea Johnson, take their quiz to see how your manners are!

Send a personal letter to Liv ?
Website that constantly checks the validity of celebrities address - according to its tests, there is one address for Liv that actualy works!

Invest in Liv!
Buy (and don't sell!) Liv's stocks at the Hollywood Stock Exchange website (don't worry - its not a real money)

Talk about Liv
This is the place to talk about Liv