July 2002 August 2002 September 2002

July started with Liv returning to the USA from New Zealand where she had been doing reshoots for "The Two Towers".

But she enjoyed the last night in New Zealand with her pals and maybe celebrating her birthday.

August was the month of the release of The Fellowship of the Rings dvd. And it sold really well,smashing all the records.

A new movie Jersey Girl, in which Liv will play, started being filmed in Philadelphia. Meanwhile, Liv attended some gigs of The Rolling Stones and Supergrass at V2002 Festival. Supergrass are one of the favourite bands of Liv.

At the end of the month, Liv attended the wedding of her mother Bebe Buell with Jim Wallerstein

In September the filming of Jersey Girl kept on and some scenes of Liv Tyler and Ben Affleck were filmed.

She also had time to support her husband Royston (at that time boyfriend) in his gigs.

She also supported her friend designer Stela McArtney in the opening of a store.

October 2002 November 2002 December 2002

With the release of The Two Towers so close, October was the month of the magazines. Liv appeared in the cover of lots of them including Sky Magazine, LOTR Magazine and Harper's Bazaar.

She also attended a ceremony for naming a street after Kevin Smith, the director of the movie Jersey Girl.

November started with more covers of Liv in Entertainment Weekly, French magazine Ciné Live and Spanish magazine Glamour. Some specials and interviews appeared in other magazines.

A behind the scenes clip from Jersey Girl was aired at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

The first posters and commercials of The Two Towers began to appear.

And finally in December The Two Towers was released. Liv attended all the premieres: New York, Paris, London and Los Angeles.

As happened with the dvd, the release of The Two Towers was a big success.

Liv also attended Letterman and Today shows.

She also featured on Royston Langdon's new music video Cool Water. As you have seen, December was a busy month for Liv.

January 2003 February 2003 March 2003

The new year started with more covers of Liv, including Jane magazine, Italian Jack magazine, Dutch AvantGarde magazine and Russian Calendar magazine.

Following the success of The Two Towers, Air New Zealand painted one of his Boeing 767-300 with Arwen's and Aragorn's faces.

In February Liv attended the Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2003 Collection fashion show in New York City.

She also appered on more magazine covers like Russian Premiere, Italian Top Girl and Ukrainian TV Week.

It was also confirmed that Liv recorded a song for Lord Of The Rings - Return Of The King, and that it will be in English and not in Elvish.

March was a great month for Liv. She did a very important step in her life, she got married to her boyfriend Royston Langdon the 25th of March. It was a private ceremony at a villa in the Caribbean.

She also was chosen by Givenchy to be the face of a new perfume and cosmetics.

April 2003 May 2003 June 2003

In April she went to Paris and London maybe to do the pictures for Givenchy promotion.

She also attended the Audrey Hepburn The Beauty of Compassion - A Charity Auction To Benefit UNICEF

And at the end of the month, she and Roy did a Wedding Reception in New York for all the family and friends who didn't go to her wedding in the Caribbean.

May was a movie with less news about Liv.

A Special Fan Edition Dvd of Empire Records was released.

Liv appeared on the cover of B magazine and enjoyed a gig of Paper Cranes band.

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