erosmith lead is our subject's father
ebe Buell is the mom - and no other!

in razy clip her beauty we drew ...
as Faye olan she did That Thing You Do!

she sang and danced at the mpire
and helped rodo with the ring of power

even in Armageddon she was race and divine
as Lucy armon with the Tuscany wine

she nvented the Abbotts, so sweet and cool
and then in McCool's she was a real ewel

Joey ramer, is her father's pal
in ord Of The Rings she is elf kind of gal!

she grew up in aine - it was lovely and warm
but now in Y she has found her home

in negin she was Tatiana Larina
the one who discover her called aulina

in uenya she speaks all night and day
and can say to her man - oy, "Melon Lay"

she was tealing Beauty with soul and mind
odd is her father - spiritual kind

as Arwen ndomi?l - she was a real hero
with her own Aragorn, also named iggo

Sylvie arden was her first one to play,
mas, the holiday - is her favorite day

oung and beautiful - it's her b-day you see,
so let's party, and forget 'bout the !