Welcome to the Special 26th Birthday Quiz!

Answer the 26 questions below to check how much of a fan you really are ...

1. Liv got married on ...
Valentine's Day 2001
March 25th, 2003
April 25th, 2003
Is still single

2. What did Liv promise she would do on her previous b-day, and kept her promise ?
Get married
Take a year off
Quit smoking
Record a song

3. Who is Liv ?

4. Who said - "There were times I thought Liv and I will be married and live happily ever after ..."
David Letterman
Joaquin Phoenix
Royston Langdon
Viggo Mortensen

5. From what event is this picture taken ?
"The Two Towers" premiere
"The Fellowship Of The Ring" premiere
Oscars 1999
"One Night At McCool's" premiere

6. How many times has Liv been in Cannes Film Festival ?

7. Who is Mr. Kleinman ?
"Heavy" producer
The principal of Liv's high-school
Liv's Elvish coach for Lord Of The Rings
Liv's dog

8. Liv's character name, in more than one movie:
The first and third answers are correct

9. Jersey Girl director Kevin Smith has said about Liv's performence on the film: "If you don't fall in love with her in this movie, (complete the sentence ...)"
"Then you don't understand nothing!"
"You should ask for your money back"
"Don't call me Kevin"
"Then you're a robot"

10. Liv has recorded a song with Evan Dando. What is the name of the song ?
"It Looks Like You"
"Shots Is Fired"
"My Idea"
"C'mon Daddy"

11. Evan Dando once recorded a song about Liv, what is the name of the song ?
"It Looks Like You"
"Shots Is Fired"
"My Idea"
"C'mon Daddy"

12. Besides Liv, who was involved in both "That Thing You Do!" and "Lord Of The Rings" ?
Tom Hanks
Howard Shore
Sean Astin
Peter Jackson

13. Who is "Asteria" ?
From the Greek Mythology
The granddaughter of "Arwen" in Lord Of The Rings
Liv dubbed her in "Hercules" TV series
A and C are correct!

14. "Corey Mason" is ...
Liv's character in "Empire Records"
"Lord Of The Rings" producer
"Cookie's Fortune" scriptwriter
No such thing

15. What is the chronological order of the pics below ?
A, B, C and then D
B, D, C and then A
D, A, B and then C
D, A, C and then B

16. If she wasn't an actress, Liv would prefer to be:
A Model
A Dancer
A Lawyer
A Chef

17. Liv didn't do a commercial for:
Visa Card
Pantene Shampoo

18. From what movie is this picture taken ?
Empire Records
Dr. T & The Women
Stealing Beauty

19. From what movie is this picture taken ?
Plunkett & Macleane
Inventing The Abbotts
That Thing You Do!
Stealing Beauty

20. From what event is this picture taken ?
"The Two Towers" premiere
Oscars 1999
"Stealing Beauty" premiere
Cannes 1997

21. Two brothers who played with Liv in 2 different movies:
Ben and Casey Affleck
Joaquin and Summer Phoenix
Steve and Ethan Embry
Ralph and Joseph Fiennes

22. Liv was at Letterman:
One time
Two times

23. From what movie is this picture taken ?
Plunkett & Macleane
Cookie's Fortune

24. When filming "Stealing Beauty", Liv was ...
17 years old
18 years old
19 years old
20 years old

25. Who played Liv's father in a movie ?
A and D
A, B and D
B, C and D
All of them!

26. Who is in the picture ?
The sweetest thing
An angel on the face of Earth
The one we celebrate her birthday!