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  A Year In Liv's Life

JULY, 2003

Happy Birthday

July 2003 began with the first look on the Givenchy campaign which was going to be launched on September.
The first review of the movie Jersey Girl was published, and Liv was featured on two magazines, W and French Vogue.

AUGUST, 2003

Very Irresistible Givenchy campaign

In August Liv appeared on a few magazine covers, such as InStyle,Harper's Bazaar and Jane.

We received more info on the Givenchy campaign, which included a commercial ad featuring Liv wearing a black dress and a white hat.

As far as the Lord Of the Rings goes, the poster for the Return of the King was previewed and New-Line Cinema also released the The Two Towers DVD.

At the end of the month Liv and her husband Royston were invited to Stella McCartney's wedding. Among the famous faces were her father Sir Paul McCartney, Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie, model Kate Moss, Chrissie Hynde, and Coldplay's Chris Martin. The wedding took place at Rothesay, on the Isle of Bute in Scotland, United Kingdom.


Cover girl Liv

September was the month of the magazines. Liv appeared on tons of them: Elle (Canada). InStyle (Germany), The Bay (France), Marie Claire (France), Cosmopolitan (Germany), Elle (Poland), Elle (Germany), Marie Claire (UK), Elle(UK), Elle (France), ...

Mid November Liv and Roy were photographed at a party celebrating the launch of the new Burberry Brit fragrance in NY.

The end of the month finally brought us the trailer of the movie The Return of the King.


Liv riding her bike, Who magazine

Lots of news in October, 2003. Liv's sister, Mia, got married to her fiance Dave Buckner.

We heard about a rumour (turning out to be true) of Liv doing a new film called Lonesome Jim, directed by actor Steve Buscemi.

Pictures and articles about Liv appeared in magazines such as Us Magazine, Who Magazine (Australia) and Star Magazine.


Liv, Ambassador for UNICEF

November marked the fever of the last movie of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Return of the King.

The movie poster was shown everywhere and the date for the world premiere in New Zealand was confirmed.

We also had the great honor to interview Liv - she was nice enough to do an exclusive Question & Answers with the fans through this site.

Liv was appointed the National Ambassador for the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, which is the UN children's fund.

One magazine reported her saying she was told to lose weight if she wanted to get more important roles. "I've been told that if I lose weight I'd have more work, but I refuse to submit myself to Hollywood standards. To the rest of the world I am slim and I like the way I am."

She also had time to go to a gig by The Strokes (certainly not the only time) and to visit Japan to promote Givenchy.

At the end of the month she flew to New Zealand for the premiere of Return of the King.


Liv attending the premieres of The Return of the King

And finally the D-Day arrived. This month will go to history as the month when The Return of the King was released, the only movie along with Titanic and Ben-Hur which has won 11 Oscars.

This month was a busy one for Liv, attending many premieres and doing interviews on TV to promote the movie.

She attended the following premieres: New Zealand, Los Angeles, Berlin and London.

She was also on the following TV shows: Letterman (CBS, December 15th),Good Morning America (ABC, December 16th),TRL (MTV, December 16th),Regis & Kelly (ABC, December 19th)

And of course we will not forget the magazines since Liv was gracing many more: The Age (Australia), Teen Hollywood (USA), OK Magazine, iO Donna (Italy), Gloss (France) and Spur (Japan)

And lastly, it was our site's third anniversary :-D


Liv attending different galas

After a busy December full of promotion and premieres, Liv kept on attending Galas during this January 2004 and doing promotion - this time for Givenchy.

First she attended the 69th Annual New York Film Critics Circle Awards Dinner, then she was seen at the National Board Of Review Annual Awards Gala, And finally she went to Paris to promote Givenchy and attended Givenchy's Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2004 and The Aids Gala Fashion Show.

Liv was named The Most Elegant Woman Of 2003 by Hello Magazine

The month ended with for great news for The Return of the King movie: Liv was confirmed as a presenter in the Oscars, the movie won 4 Golden Globes (including Best Picture and Best Director) and got 11 nominations for the Oscars.


Liv on the Oscars Red Carpet

Liv started the month attending the screening of the movie The Dreamers, a movie by director Bernardo Bertolucci who had directed Liv before. She went with her husband. As Liv did herself, Mia did a second wedding reception to celebrate her marriage to Papa Roach's drummer Dave Buckner. Liv was there supporting her sister.

Later in the month, Liv presented an awards at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. She presented the Best Ensemble Cast award, which the Lord of the Rings cast won. At the end of the month, Liv attended the Academy Awards (the Oscars), where she presented the Best Song category and where Lord Of the Rings won all the awards it was nominated for, exactly 11 as only Ben Hur and Titanic had won before. Liv wore a black dress by Givenchy. She also attended the The Oprah Winfrey Show and was on the cover of Marie Claire magazine.

MARCH, 2004

Liv attending Jersey Girl's premiere

March could be considered the month of Jersey Girl. Liv was doing promotion for the movie the whole month on various TV shows and attending the premiere of the movie at the end of the month.

She attended the following shows: MTV TRL, Conan O'Brien, NBC Today Show, ABC Regis and Kelly and Jay Leno's Show. The premiere was in New York and she attended it with husband Royston, mom Bebe Buell, grandmom Dorothea Johnson and aunt Annie. And, of course, there were more Liv magazines covers: Hollywood Life and LA Confidential

APRIL, 2004

Liv in Paris promoting Givenchy

April had few Liv news items, at least as compared with the previous month. She flew to Paris to do further promotion of Givenchy, appeared on three magazines (British Glamour, Star Magazine and Cosmopolitan) and her husband started a new band called Sparticle.

There appeared commercials that Liv had done in Japan for Mt.Rainier - Caffe Latte

MAY, 2004

Return of the King DVD released

Not much new in May either.. There was one important news: Liv was named the second most naturally beautiful woman of all time by a panel of experts, after film legend Audrey Hepburn.

Among other news were the following: Roy's birthday, Bebe Buell appeared on Letterman and the DVD for The Return of the King was released.

JUNE, 2004

Roy and pregnant Liv

This month brings us a pleasant surprise: Liv confirmed she got pregnant!
Liv is expecting her first child in the winter and we wish the child a healthy and wonderful life.

Liv appeared on some magazines, Daily Express Saturday (UK), Hot Dog (UK) and Total Film (UK).

Jersey Girl movie was released in the UK, and it was announced it will be released in France on August 11 under the name of Pere et fille.

That's it, see you next year!

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