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  Birthday Quiz

Welcome to the Special 27th Birthday Quiz!

Answer the 27 questions below to check how much of a fan you really are ...

1. What is Liv's favorite color ?
A and B are true
B and C

2. Liv's dog name is ...

3. In Jersey Girl, Liv is a ...
Oil rig manager
Video store clerk
Screen writer

4. Which are Liv's fingers ?

5. From which event is this picture taken?
"The Return Of The King" LA's premiere
Cannes 2001
Oscars 1999
"The Return Of The King" world premiere
SAG Awards

6. Liv's newest favorite band ?
Kings of Leon

7. What did Liv do one day after graduating from high school ?
Slept all day
Went to vacation in Barbados
Went to vacation in Italy
Went to film Stealing Beauty in Italy
Went to see an Aerosmith's concert

8. In which of these talkshows did Liv participate twice last year?
Regis & Kelly
Jay Leno

9. From what movie is this picture taken ?
The Return Of The King
Plunkett & Macleane
Jersey Girl

10. In how many "Lord Of The Rings" premieres did Liv attend ?

11. What did Liv say about the "Arwen" statue ?
That it looks like a combination of herself, Angelina Jolie and Cher
That it looks like a mini-me version of her sister Mia
That it doesn't look like herself at all
That the Legolas statue is more feminine than the Arwen statue

12. "Lord Of The Rings - The Return Of The King" is the second film in history to ...
Earn more than $1 billion worldwide - from tickets sales
Be called "Lord Of The Rings 3"
Win 11 Oscars
A and C
All of the above

13. What did Liv present in the latest Oscars ?
Best Director award
3 of the nominees for the Best Song award
Best Song award
Best Cinematography award
Best Visual Effects

14. Who co-starred with Liv in one movie, and directed her in another one ?
Ralph Fiennes
Steve Buscemi
Tom Hanks
Alan Cumming

15. Liv's dog is a ...
Great Dane
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

16. Liv worked with a pair of siblings in the same movie. Which siblings were they ?
Joaquin and Rain Phoenix
Ralph and Martha Fiennes
Ben and Casey Affleck
A and B
B and C

17. Which one of these talkshows did Liv NOT appear on last year ?
Jay Leno
Regis & Kelly

18. From what event is this picture taken ?
"The Return Of The King" LA's premiere
Cannes 1997
"Jersey Girl" premiere
Oscars 2004
Oscars 1999

19. Liv's husband's new band is called ...
The Royston's
Kings of Leon
Operation Cake

20. Who is Liv's mom ?

21. Which of the following did Liv do a commercial for last year ?
Very Irresistible Givenchy
Visa Card
Yahoo! SBC
Caffe Latte
A and B and C
A and B and D
A and C and D
A, B, C, D - all true
None of the above

22. What is "Sweeney Todd" ?
A famous musical
A scene from "Jersey Girl"
Liv's nickname for her father
A and C
A and B
A, B and C

23. What is the chronological order of the pics below ?
A, B, C and then D
B, D, C and then A
D, A, B and then C
A, D, B and then C

24. Who is the director who wrote in the end credits of the film: "Liv My new favorite actress"
Robert Altman in "Cookie's Fortune"
Bernardo Bertolucci in "Stealing Beauty"
Peter Jackson in "The Return Of The King"
Kevin Smith in "Jersey Girl"
James Mangold in "Heavy"

25. From what movie is this picture taken ?
Stealing Beauty
Silent Fall
The Fellowship Of The Ring
Inventing The Abbotts
Not from a movie - but from "Seventeen" magazine, 1996

26. From what event is this picture taken ?
"The Two Towers" world premiere
UNICEF snowflake lighting ceremony, November 2003
SAG Awards
"The Return Of The King" world premiere
"The Dreamers" premiere
It's from "Lonesome Jim" movie

27. Who is in the picture ?
The most beautiful librarian in the world
The most beautiful in the latest Oscars
The one we celebrate her birthday!

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