Welcome to the Special 28th Birthday Quiz!

Answer the 28 questions below to check how much of a fan you really are ...

1. What is the name of Liv's character in Cookie's Fortune ?

2. How many times did Liv present at the Oscars ?
One time
Two times

3. Which date was Liv's son Milo born ?
November 29th
December 3rd
December 14th
July 1st

4. From which event is this picture taken ?
"Jersey Girl" premiere, 2003
"Stealing Beauty" premiere, 1996
Cannes Film Festival, 1998
Cannes Film Festival, 1995
Sundance Film Festival, 1995

5. Who co-stared with Liv in one movie and directed her in another ?
Ralph Fiennes
Matt Dillon
Steve Buscemi
Hugo Weaving

6. Liv was at the Toronto Film Festival:
One time
Two times
Three times
Four times

7. For which movie did Liv win Best Foreign Actress by the "Russian Guild of Film Critics" ?
Cookie's Fortune
One Night at McCool's
The Fellowship of the Ring
Stealing Beauty

8. What is the connection between Liv and "The Protocol School of Washington" ?
That was Liv's elementry school
Liv filmed "Jersey Girl" there
Liv did a commercial for them
Liv's grandmom is the founder of this place
No connection

9. Who has never played in the same movie with Liv ?
Will Smith
Debbie Harry
Lyle Lovett
Sandra Bullock
Claire Danes

10. From which movie is this picture taken ?
Stealing Beauty
Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers
Empire Records

11. Which is Liv's smile ?

12. Which ISN'T one of Liv's movie-character line ?
"If you want him - Come and claim him"
"We have to save the Empire"
"Sorry Harry"
"Water is my second favorite thing in the world"
"I'll never love anybody as much as you. And I hate you!"

13. In which movie did Liv play Corey ?
Empire Records
Silent Fall
Lonesome Jim
Stealing Beauty

14. Liv's husbands band is called ...
The Quick
The Tender Trio

15. How many movies did Liv do with Affleck ?
Just one

16. In which movie did Liv have a cameo ?
Pearl Harbor
U Turn
Everyone Says I Love You
B and C

17. From which movie is this picture taken ?
Empire Records
One Night at McCool's
Jersey Girl
Cookie's Fortune
That's not Liv - are you kidding me ?

18. Which song did Liv listen to when she was a baby ?
The same song that Milo is listening to right now
"Love in an Elevator" by Aerosmith
Brahms Lullaby
A and B
A anc C

19. Which was Liv's mom band back in the 80' ?
The Gargoyles
Normal Girl
Rebel Heart

20. What is the chronological order of the pics below ?
A, B, C and then D
C, B, D and then A
B, C, D and then A
D, B, A and then C
B, C, A and then D

21. Who is Rex Rundgren ?
A Baseball player
Liv call him brother
Liv's father-in-law
Co-stared with Liv in Onegin
A and B
A and D

22. From which modeling campaign is this picture taken ?
Bongo Jeans
Very Irresistible Givenchy
Pantene Shampoo
Lux Shampoo

23. With a sigh, you turn away. With a deepening heart, no more words to say - from where is this sentence ?
That Thing You Do!
Arwen's Song

24. Which picture is NOT from a commercial campaign ?
All of the pics are from a commercial campaigns

25. How many times was Liv on the cover of Jane ?

26. Who made Liv's dress for Oscars 1999 ?
Marc Jacobs
Pamela Dennis
Stella Mccartney

27. What did Liv do to her high-school principal, one year after graduation ?
Sent him rotten tomatoes
Invited him to "Stealing Beauty" premiere
Recorded a song with him
Sued him

28. What are we celebrating today ?
Birthday for the beautiful creature in the left
The square root of 784's birthday for Liv
Liv is 28 years old today!
Holiday for Liv fans!

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