July 2005
Liv and dad Steven Tyler

In July Liv celebrated her 28th birthday, and her first one as a mom.
Liv, Roy and Milo celebrated with friends and family, including Liv's dad Steven Tyler.
As always, she kept showing she cares a lot about charity and donated a baby pram to an hospital fundraiser.

August 2005
Trailer for Lonesome Jim
The Liv Tyler Rose

A trailer for Liv's new movie Lonesome Jim was released.

Givenchy created a new rose and named it after Liv - The Liv Tyler Rose.

A true star rose has been presented on June 22nd in Paris, created by Meilland for Givenchy Perfumes it has been named after Liv Tyler, the young and beautiful american movie star - she charms everyone with her modern and luminous beauty - who is the face of their perfume "Very Irresistible".
September 2005
Liv in Grazia
Liv in Glamour

In September Liv appeared on a number of popular magazines: Us Glamour, British Glamour and Grazia.

We also noticed that Liv's movie Lonesome Jim was going to be featured in Woodstock Film Festival, and managed to glipse at some clips from the movie at the French website AlloCine.

October 2005
Liv's designed lunchbox
Liv in Dubai

Liv continued to participate in charities. This time it was in The Lunchbox Auction 2005, an online auction to raise funds to feed children.

Liv was also in Dubai to promote Very Irresistible Givenchy and gave an exclusive interview to Gulf-News.com.

November 2005
Liv and Milo celebrating Halloween
Liv attending Fendi Flagship store opening in New York

In People magazine we saw a photo of Liv and Milo celebrating Halloween (Liv dressed as a cat and Milo as a cow).

We also got some exclusive information:

  • Lonesome Jim will get a limited release in the US. Our source is not sure of the release date, but according to some websites its going be March 10th 2006 (November 16th in France!)
  • Also, Liv has opted not to do the film August Rush, BUT has several projects lined up for next year - none of which can yet be announced.

Liv also attended the opening of the store Fendi Flagship store in New York.

December 2005
New interview at Grazia magazine!
Make-A-Wish Foundation auctioned jar

In December Liv appeared on the December issue of Grazia Magazine.

She also contributed to charity. This time it was for the Make-A-Wish Foundation with the lema: Bid on a jar; Wish on a star.

We also celebrated two birthdays: Liv's sister Mia celebrated her 27th birthday. and Milo celebrated his first!

January 2006
Liv in the cover of French Glamour and Elle
Liv presenting Givenchy's new Lipstick Lip Lip Shine!

Liv began the year gracing the covers of two magazines: French Glamour and French Elle.

At the end of the month, she flew to Tokyo for Givenchy's new Lipstick "Lip Lip Shine!" Launch.

February 2006
Lonesome Jim Poster

February was a month of news about Liv's new movies. First, it was announced that Lonesome Jim was going to be released in the US on March 24th. Apple.com had a brand new (and high-quality) trailer for Lonesome Jim. Finally, the official poster was released as well.

There were rumours of Liv doind a new film called Reign O'er Me. According to Hollywood Reporter, Liv was in "final negotiations" to join the cast of the drama Reign O'er Me for Columbia Pictures. According to the reporter, Liv would play Angela, a psychiatrist, alongside Adam Sandler, Don Cheadle, Saffron Burrows and Jada Pinkett Smith.

March 2006
Liv on the cover of UK's Harper's Bazaar
Liv in Newsweek Magazine
Liv attending the premiere of Lonesome Jim in New York
Liv and Adam Sandler filming Empty City movie

This month Liv appeared on more magazines. This time it was the cover of UK's Harper's Bazaar and a special in Newsweek titled "Design of the Times".

It was Steven Tyler's 58th birthday and the 3rd anniversary of Liv and Roy's wedding.

Liv also attended the premiere of Lonesome Jim in New York.

Aerosmith had to cancel their tour due to Liv's dad Steven Tyler's throat condition. Liv husband's Royston Langdon's band - The Tender Trio - announced their splitting.

Finally, we got news that Liv started filming a new movie and which changed its name from Reign O'er Me to Empty City.

April 2006
Liv on Cosmopolitan

Liv appeared on two magazines, UK Cosmopolitan and Jane.
After posting scans from Jane magazine, the publisher demanded us to remove them. Nonetheless, any dedicated Liv fan knew where to find them.

Many news agencies wrongly "reported" that Liv was planning retirement, but it was not true. They (intentionally?) used Liv's words out of context.

May 2006
Liv attending AngloMania Costume Institute Gala
Liv attending the 7th Annual Free Arts Benefit Auction
Liv visiting Moscow to promote Givenchy's cosmetics

May was a very active month for Liv. She attended several events, which included:

  • "AngloMania" Costume Institute Gala, in New York City
  • The 7th Annual Free Arts Benefit Auction
  • The 5th Annual MoMA's Film Benefit - A Work in Progress: An Evening with James Mangold

At the end of the month, she visited Moscow to promote Givenchy's cosmetics.

It was also Roy's birthday. On May 1st, he turned 34 years old.

June 2006
Liv attending The Cartier and Interview magazine Charity Love Bracelet Party
Liv attending The Cartier and Interview magazine Charity Love Bracelet Party
Liv attending The premiere of Allegro movie
Liv attending The premiere of Allegro movie

June was also a month in which Liv attended a number of events:

  • The Cartier and Interview magazine Charity Love Bracelet Party, in New York City
  • The premiere of Allegro (staring Liv's friend Helena Christensen) movie, in New York City
  • The launch party of Vonage V-Phone in New York City

We got news that Aerosmith would be back on tour this fall along with Motley Crue. Also, Liv's husband Royston Langdon and his brother Antony were joining forces again - this time also with their younger brother Christian - to form a new band called Arckid.

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