Welcome to the Special 29th Birthday Quiz!

Answer the 29 questions below to check how much of a fan you really are...

1. Which is the first feature Liv has ever filmed?
Silent Fall
Crazy (music video)
Stealing Beauty
Empire Records

2. In which film does Liv sing?
The Return of the King - Extended Edition
Stealing Beauty
Jersey Girl
A and B
A and C
B and C
All of the above

3. What was Milo's Halloween costume?
A Cow
A Cowboy
A Mouse
An Indian
An Elf

4. From which event is this picture taken?
"Lonesome Jim" premiere, 2003
"Stealing Beauty" premiere, 1996
Toronto Film Festival, 1999
Cannes Film Festival, 1999
Fendi Flagship store opening, 2005

5. Which role is Liv yet to do in a movie?
A Queen
A Singer
A Nurse
A Clerk
A Prisoner
A Murderer
A Psychiatrist

6. In which movie is Liv's character's name Corey?
Stealing Beauty
Lonesome Jim
Empire Records
Silent Fall

7. Alongside whom is Liv yet to play in a movie?
Reba McEntire
Toby Stephens
Clive Owen
Laura Dern
Owen Wilson

8. Lady Rebecca Gibson is a character from...
Plunkett & Macleane
Inventing the Abbotts
Cookie's Fortune
Dr. T and the Women

9. On which of her movie characters has Liv said that it is "not too different from myself"?
Arwen from LOTR
Maya from Jersey Girl
Jewel from One Night at McCool's
Grace from Armageddon
Pamela from Inventing the Abbotts

10. What was the original title of Liv's newest movie "Empty City"?
Reign O'er Me
Clear Mind
Lonesome Jim
Take the Lead

11. From which event is this picture taken?
Cannes Film Festival, 1995
Cannes Film Festival, 1996
"Jersey Girl" premiere, 2004
Sundance Film Festival, 1995
"Cookie's Fortune" premiere, 1999

12. For which movie did Liv cut her hair?
One Night at McCool's
Plunkett & Macleane
Cookie's Fortune

13. From which movie is this picture taken?
Stealing Beauty
Lonesome Jim
Jersey Girl
Empire Records

14. From which event is this picture taken?
Cannes Film Festival, 1998
"Armageddon" premiere, 1998
Givenchy's "Lip Lip Shine!" Launch, 2006
"Lonesome Jim" premiere, 2006
"Cookie's Fortune" premiere, 1999

15. Who has directed Liv twice?
Peter Jackson
Allan Moyle
Robert Altman
Bernardo Bertolucci
Steve Buscemi

16. From which movie is this picture taken?
Inventing the Abbotts
Plunkett & Macleace
One Night at McCool's
Cookie's Fortune

17. How many times has Liv attended the Oscars?

18. Liv was featured in one of her husband's music videos. What is the name of that song?
Cool Water
In the Meantime
We are not Alone

19. What is "Twin Engines"?
Liv's mom's band
Liv's new movie
Liv's mom's husband's band
Liv's brother-in-law's band
The new Givenchy Perfume

20. Who is A.J.?
Liv's character's boyfriend in Armageddon
Liv's character's boyfriend in Empire Records
Liv's character's boyfriend in That Thing You Do!
All of the above

21. When asked about her fans, Liv has said...
My fans are mostly LOTR fans!
I know most of my fans by name!
I don't think I have any!
There are too many of them...
I am amazed I have any fans at all!

22. What has Givenchy done in appreciation of Liv?
Named a new perfume after her
Sent her a box full of candy
Named a rose after her
Wrote a song for her

23. Which is the exception?
Normal Girl
Plates are Broken
Whole Lotta Love
Kings and Queens

24. What is the chronological order of the pictures below?
A, D, C and then B
D, C, A and then B
B, C, D and then A
D, B, A and then C
C, B, A and then D

25. From which movie is this picture taken?
Plunkett & Macleace
The Fellowship of the Ring
The Two Towers
Silent Fall
Inventing the Abbotts

26. From which event is this picture taken?
The "Liv Tyler Rose" naming ceremony, 2005
"Stealing Beauty" premiere, 1998
Toronto Film Festival, 1999
"One Night at McCool's" premiere, 2001
"That Thing You Do!" premiere, 1996

27. From which modeling campaign is this picture taken?
Very Irresistible Givenchy
Pantene Shampoo
Bongo Jeans
None of the above

28. What do the following people have in common?
All played Liv's sibling in a movie
All played in That Thing You Do!
All of them are real-life Liv's siblings
All appeared in the Liv's Pantene Shampoo commercial
All appeared as elves in Lord of the Rings

29. What is shown in the picture?
Liv Tyler
The Liv Tyler Rose
Our birthday girl
All of the above

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