In the study of astrology, all of us have what is called a 'Solar Return' which happens each year on our birthdays. The reason it is called a Solar Return is because the sun takes one year to move through all the houses of our chart and around our birthday it finishes one complete circle. The significance of the Solar Return lies in the fact that it can show is a theme for our coming year and what challenges or successes are more possible.

Liv's Solar Return for 2006 is full of possibilities. Her rising sign for the year is in Cancer, with her Sun in Cancer near the rising. Family life will be her immediate focus. The moon will be in Virgo, so her unconscious goals and work will be geared towards taking care of her health, organizing her home and work environment, possibly starting a new exercise regime and working with bigger groups of people towards a common goal. Pluto is in the 6th house of Virgo, so she will want to work on important things with people who are passionate about the chosen project.

We may get to see some new films on the horizon, Mercury is in Leo this year for Liv, which can push the mind in the direction of drama, theatre and performance. Mercury is also in the 1st house of Aries, so communications will pick up and she may do more talking and interviews than usual. Adding to the theme of performance art, Jupiter will be in her 5th house, the house of Leo where dramatic performance flourishes. Having Jupiter in Scorpio could open the possibility of a deep, psychological role in a movie, or Liv could learn something new about herself through her acting. Adding even more energy and potential to her performing career, Mars and Saturn are both in Leo and sit in the 2nd house. Saturn and Jupiter are in a challenging aspect to each other, so there can be some frustration possible when it comes to expanding goals and horizons, but mostly Liv will want to delve deeper into her emotional life and will not be satisfied with anything that doesn't go beyond the surface. With Uranus in the 9th house of Sagittarius there is the potential to learn a new language, film in a different country or pick up a new skill.

Liv's social life should be fun and active this year. Venus is in Gemini which creates rapid pace communications, lots of friends and a charming attitude towards the world. Venus is in the 11th house of Aquarius, so Liv will be able to do her share of getting out and about, but will also need a good bit of alone time to refresh and rest up.

Neptune is in the 8th house of Scorpio, so Liv will be even more in touch with her feelings and the feelings of others than usual. This placement can make dreams more interesting, the perception more psychic and personal understanding, deeper.

Happy birthday Liv! Here's to a wonderful year full of excitement and joy!

© ArielRose

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