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In October 8th 2007, Liv, her mother Bebe Buell and her grandmother Dorothea Johnson teamed up with Emergen-C company to create Emergen-C PINK - a pink lemonade-flavored drink that Fifty-percent of its profits will be donated to support the fight against breast cancer (through the Keep A Breast foundation), and in that way to "inspire breast cancer awareness and to provide support to women of all generations" as Liv said. Here are some of the reports we got from the Emergen-C PINK event that took place in Whole Foods Market, NYC!

Hi Everyone,
My name is Debbie. I am a 30yr old Breast Cancer survivor. I met with Liv today for the Emergen-C Pink event. Liv, her mother, and her grandmother are all so sweet and down to earth. They all took out alot of time to get to know each of us personally.
We met, took pics, and had a in depth discussion about having BC. I feel very grateful to have shared in this great day.
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Her my 10yr old son Kenny has such a crush since LOTR's. So she autographed this 4 him:

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Hello, my name is Sarah, and I am a 30 y.o. breast cancer survivor.
It was so great to meet with Liv, Bebe and Dorothea today. They are lovely and articulate women, and Liv is absolutely a sweetheart. I am so happy they have added their voices to supporting young women like us. I am grateful to know that they are raising awareness for breast cancer, and hope that their efforts help to promote increased screening and research.

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Liv is absolutely gorgeous!! And super sweet too. She hugged me and held my hand while we were talking. Of course, I felt like a giddy school girl in front of her and all the paparazzi that followed us EVERYWHERE.

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