from Lord Of The Rings

- "I'm not going to lie about it, I definitely did suffer at times and felt quite homesick a lot of the time being so far away from my home and family. It was almost like a life commitment and there was no turning back."

- "It was a big challenge to take on the role of an Elf because they are extraordinary perfect beings, It took me a long time to figure out how to portray someone who is immortal and full of wisdom and power and around 3,000 years old."

- "That was particularly hard for me as I was a 22-year-old flawed American at the time[laugh], Part of the reason it was so difficult for me was that we had to take a chance on my character because she's not fleshed out in much detail like the other characters in the book."

- "So it was my job to capture the essence of the idea of who she was. I saw her as someone who brings a touch of femininity to the tale of Middle Earth."

from Lord Of The Rings

- "In the midst of war she has fallen in love with a mortal and becomes the backbone and motivation for his fight."

- "The first time I watched it I had to push the whole of my jaw back up to my mouth[laugh], I thought it was an absolute masterpiece and the best film I'd ever been in."

- "The shoot was so long that during filming I didn't always pay attention to exactly what the finished product would look like. I had very high expectations but it was far more beautiful than even I had anticipated."

- "I always had glue coming out of my stick-on ears[laugh]. All the actors were constantly picking themselves."

from Lord Of The Rings

- "I'd go home to New York and a week later I'd still be picking big, black chunks of glue out of my ears."

- "I don't miss the wake-up calls either, the hardest thing was the 4.30am call and the three hours in hair and make-up to get the wig and ears on."

- "It was painful, but well worth it. The impact of this movie is just overwhelming and I still can't quite believe I'm a part of it", she says with just the hint of an elfin grin.

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