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In the last few months we've been planning something big.
About 50 of our Forum members, dedicated Liv fans, took part in an effort to send Liv, Roy and Milo a gift. Each contributed a personal message or greeting for Liv, Roy and Milo, and the ones who could, donated a small amount of money in order to buy the gift. It turned out we got much more than we could hope for, and here is what we got for Liv, then wrapped everything in one big package:

More photos of gifts (click to enlarge)
Photos from the scrapbook

We sent out the package in February, 2005, and a couple of weeks later Liv got to see it!
This is a good time to say that without the help of Liv's mom, Bebe, nothing of the above would have happened. We wish to thank Bebe, who, as always, has been extremely nice to us!

Bebe delivered the package to Liv as a surprise, and from what we hear, Liv loved the gifts!

In fact, and here's the Surprise, Liv took her time to write a thank-you note to us, and attach an 4 autographed photos!

Click to enlarge

Thank you SOOOO MUCH Liv!!! You have been very sweet to us indeed!
Again, congratulations on the birth of your first child.

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