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Presence, charisma and charm - just a few words that will be used to describe Milo Langdon when he is a little bit older. The combination of Sagittarius (where his Sun is placed) and Scorpio (his Rising sign) makes this little fellow fully equipped against the tough times life has to offer. He is an enthusiasthic truth-seeker who never gives up, never gives in (although not everyone appreciates that) and gives himself 100% for any chosen goal.

With Mercury (the planet of communication) in Sagittarius, he tends to be a little bit preachy. But he's always honest, trying to do the right thing and likes to take a stand for those causes (or people) that need the help of his brilliant mind.

Venus, the planet of Love, makes a very strong connection to the planet Mars. Both planets are in the passionate sign of Scorpio. Both are also in his astrological first house, which rules his appearance. So not only is Milo going to turn out extremely charismatic, he will be charming as hell. Scorpio-rising makes him cool and easy-going, although he is someone to be reckoned with. You can push him once but the second time you try - you won't even know what hit you. Scorpio likes everything involving secrets, so he needs his own private space where he can put away all his papers and thoughts about other people's life:

With the Moon (which rules his emotions ) in the sign of Capricorn, he will be very ambitious. There is a very strong possibility that Milo will either be a writer, or he will be asked to go into politics because he is such an avid public speaker. He will probably be inspired by his father (or other male relative) to take on writing. His mother will encourage him to follow his intuition involving life's choices. Let's hope he makes the right choices because he has a lot to offer the world.

Sarah Van Sanden
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