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Liv & Roy
A few days after they announced on the pregnancy, June 2004
Givenchy's 'Le Makeup' launch
LVMH Tower New York, June 29th
Is Milo kicking ?
NY, August 23rd 2004
Marc Jacobs Fashion Show, with dad Steven Tyler and Kate Hudson
NY, September 13th 2004
Liv taking a walk in NY
September 22nd
"Roy and I are overjoyed," says Liv Tyler, 27, about counting down the months with her rocker husband before they become parents this winter. To stay in shape during her pregnancy, Tyler has been working out with personal trainer David Kirsch, who says, "She wants to feel healthy and do everything right for the baby."
Winter in NY
November 26th
December 2004, NY
A few days before the delivery

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