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Here are a few quotes and reactions by the proud parents and by Liv's family members - dad Steven, mom Bebe and sister Mia

Liv: My baby is so handsome I can't stand it. He also has full lips.

Roy: If I could put it into words [how we're feeling], I would, but I can't!

Bebe: I saw the sweet baby Langdon today and Mother and darling perfect boy are just fine and resting. Dear Roy is good too- all is well. Perfect birth. I am so thrilled and overjoyed- it is hard to describe. A divine unexplainable feeling of joy and love. Now I've got to get some sleep- I'm exhausted from all the excitement. Lots of love and happy holidays. I think I got the best Christmas present I've ever imagined. Life is pretty prefect at this blissful time!

Steven: He's just the cutest little month-and-7-days-old boy who I can't wait to take fishing. Milo has got my lips and Royston's chin and Liv's eyes.

Bebe: He's beautiful and looks just like his daddy. Mother and baby were glorious and beautiful and doing fine. I'm very proud of Liv. She was very brave and delivered him like a champion. Thanks to Goldie Hawn we have a new term: 'Glam-Ma'.

Mia: I am so excited to see my sister and even more excited to see the newest member of our family MILO!!!

Steven: His name is Milo William Langdon...he's 8 pounds and was born on December 14, 2004 ... the most perfect-est baby, just like his mother. This is the best Christmas present a daughter could ever give her father.

Mia: I'm an aunty!!! I guess I can be called Aunt M now huh? Yay!!!!

Christian, Roy's brother: Roy was completely elated. He was quite moved. He saw the whole thing. Liv and Royston are both over the moon. Grand-parents Chester and Cynthia Langdon, are equally thrilled.

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