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10 Smother DVDs giveaway!

Want to win a free Smother DVD? in collaboration with Screen Media Films, we have 10 brand new copies up for grabs in our Smother giveaway!!

To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is tell us (in 150 words or less) which of Liv's film roles is your favourite, and why. This can include any film that Liv has ever been in, no matter how big or small the role, just make it unique, interesting and above all, honest!

We are looking to select winning entries based around a variety of Liv's film characters. Every entrant is free to enter as many times as they wish, but remember, we are looking for originality and imagination, so submitting ten entries of 'I like ______ because she's pretty' is unlikely to get you noticed.

  • All entries must be sumitted by Tuesday the 30th of June. Any entries submitted after this date will not be counted.
  • The prize DVDs are in Region 1 format, meaning that they will only play in the U.S. and Canada, or on a multi-region DVD player.
  • Only one winning DVD per household will be distributed.
  • Any entries over the 150 word limit will be disqualified.
  • Any entries deemed inappropriate or vulgar will be disqualified.
  • Winning entries will be selected by a panel of staff members, all of whom are excluded from entering the competition.
  • The staff of reserve the right to alter or cancel the terms and conditions of this competition without notice (but shall do so only if circumstances beyond our control prove it strictly necessary).
  • No cash substitute or compensation will be given to prizewinners under any circumstances.
  • The name of the winners and their entries will be posted at this page a few days after the contest ends.

The Winners! (with no particular order)

My favorite Liv movie is Armageddon. I believe this was the first film I saw her in. I think this was one of her breakout roles that she really did superb in. The father & daughter relationship between her character and Bruce Willis's character helped make the movie appealing to the female audience, myself included. The final scene Liv has with Bruce, saying goodbye, was heartbreaking. I can't watch it without tearing up, thanks in part to her performance in it.

The answer for me is an easy one. Liv Tyler as "Corey Mason" in Empire Records. A lot of factors contributed to my worship of this mid-nineties flick, but none so much as lovely Liv. As a 'tween, it was Corey that gave me the greatest impression of what it was like to be a smart and pretty teenager, and still not have it all figured out. From her typical teen obsession over Rex Manning and her clashes with girlfriends, to her need for control over her body image, Corey was someone to whom I could totally relate. I can remember copying her outfit; crop sweater, plaid schoolgirl skirt, and combat boots. From that point on, Liv has remained my all time favorite actress. As a longtime fan, she has always been someone I could look up to, and always admired. Her portrayal in Empire Records is simply evocative.

My favorite character that Liv Tyler has played is definitely Jewel Valentine in One Night at McCool's. All her other characters seem rather bland and mild compared to Jewel. I love the movie, not just because it's quirky and steamy, but because it's so different. Jewel is a free soul who plays life exactly as she wants it. But the best part about her is that she is never depicted from her own point of view. She's shown through the eyes of three different men, who see her in three very different ways. I can imagine it would have been challenging, at the least, to play such a character. It looks like it would be fun.

In my opinion, the finest role Liv Tyler has ever played is that of the elven princess Arwen in Lord of the Rings. Being an avid fan of the books, I had high expectations as to how and who that character was going to be played. Arwen came across as someone so gentle and selfless, someone who could whisper gently in Aragorn's ear and shoot down an invading orc the next. I pictured Arwen as possesing dynamic energy, held back on all the proper occasions by thousnads of years of wisdom and grace. Liv Tyler did exactly that, she had the wispery yet strong voice, always stood very tall, but was never teetering on her tiptoes trying to fake it. The selflessness and undying love of the sacrifice of her immortality for Aragorn was phenominally executed by Tyler's facial expressions and tears.

Jersey Girl. Because of the array of emotions she portrayed and convincing role. She was funny, heart warming and sexy. Her interaction with the young girl was true to life and you honestly beleived she would have been a wonderful step-mom. Liv is one the best, and it shines through in all her roles!

I loved The Strangers. Kristen is a sweet girl, minding her own business, screaming at the top of her lungs, and fighting for her life. Liv pulls you into the room with her in this movie. I haven't been this afraid since Jamie Lee Curtis was sitting in the closet with a coat hanger for a weapon.

When asked which of Liv Tyler's cinematic roles was my favourite, I definitely found more than just one contender. She brings such loud beauty and sweet spirit to so many of her roles, but there was one that I just couldn't get out of my head: Tatyana Larin. Tatyana, from a feature called Onegin, is the one I associate the most with Liv Tyler. She breathtakingly, heartbreakingly personifies a shy, grief-struck girl rejected by her true love. While there is a soft, timid elegance to her voice, this character resonates most powerfully without words. In a brilliant moment on the ice, Tatyana conveys a jaded princess determined to fight her cynical fantasy ... without any dialogue at all. I suppose I could go on, but it is as Onegin himself has said, "let the indescribable remain so." Liv Tyler's Tatyana is a true masterpiece.

Jersey Girl. This is a no brainer for me. Her girl next door charm in her characters introduction in this film quickly turns to "Mind Numbingly Sexy" in nano seconds. Liv Tyler will absolutely improve any film she is in, and I'm not a "star crazy" person by nature, But this lady could jump start a pacemaker with a cameo appearance! Liv Tyler fully clothed, anyone else completely naked, no contest! Liv Tyler wins ever time. To be as versatile as she is, to manage two personna's simultaneously without seemingly, needing medication, is a brand of magic that one seldom sees on any screen these days. This woman is just the spinach for the "y" chromosome!!! And that's from a good church goin boy too!

My favorite Liv character would be Arwen from LOTR. She is very much like an Elfin Princess, so soft and composed jet strong and wise in her young years and of course beautiful like precious Ivory!!!

The interpretation of Liv I like best is Undomiel Arwen. Elf and the Princess for her people, her masterful performance, is the lighthouse which illuminates the world in the top of the cinema. It is the most important to me, given the special attention that Liv is playing her. Having moved to New Zealand for two years, have learned in such a short time, the beautiful but complex languages (Quenya and Sindarin), have been subjected to daily sessions of complex make-up, to bring a sensitive ear cups. But nothing was an obstacle, the special love with this character I play. Her talent and incomparable beauty, helped bring to life a riveting storyline, where she sacrifices his immortal nature, as an offering of love, is additionally Liv, who gives the trilogy as a whole, the glow that denotes the work finally.

Arwen from LOTR I've first seen her in that movie (TTT, the scene with Aragorn), She was really beautiful, perfect and innocent (and shy!) that she could hardly be considered a human, but she was 'down-to-earth, honest elf or angel', She became my dream even since the first second I've seen her face, and I instantly thought she's not like others, she has something different. Her speech, her move, her eyes, her look (which turns me on and blows my mind) were just divine, like her name, Liv (or Arwen), both her names were sweet and they were the things that made my heart beat faster when I heard them. And that moment when I heard her voice, saw her, I felt something really strange, really pleasant, warm and cool in the same time, really divine that Iíve never experienced: that was love. And with that feeling, I fell in love with her ...

Helena from Croatia
Corey Mason from Empire records. I don't have some special reason for that answer, because I like all Liv characters and it's hard pick just one, but i think that just few people know for Corey. When somebody ask you, who is Liv Tyler, everybody will say- Arwen from Lord of the Rings or Grace from Armageddon, but if you say any other her character rarely who will know for that movie or character. In that movie Liv has 18 and she is so young, but she act like she has 28- I wanna say, very professional. So, I think I say enough. :-)

My favorite Liv character is none other than the eternally ethereal Arwen Undomiel, she was the reason I fell in love with Liv in the first place, and she brought a whole different atmosphere into her scenes, yes there were only a few scenes but it was pure magic, the way she spoke, the way she moved, even the very tone of her voice injected a touch of femininity to the films and sustained it throughout the trilogy in an otherwise male driven storyline.

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