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Our own Jacqueline met Liv at the Super premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, September 10th 2010

Let me just start off by saying that September 10th 2010 was and always will be, the best day of my life.
I arrived at the Ryerson Theatre at 5:30 p.m and stood there all day so I was sure of getting a good spot for SUPER's premiere. The spot couldn't have been any better. I just wanna mention how Megan Fox's movie, Passion Play, was at 9:00 p.m at the same theatre and I got the chance to meet her and Mickey Rourke and get their autographs lol!

Now to tell you the amazing stuff:
Around 11:30 p.m, SUPER's premiere starts. I couldn't believe my eyes when Liv Tyler arrived. It was so surreal! I couldnt believe I was actually looking at Liv Tyler herself. She was so gorgeous! And her dress was so beautiful! People were constantly screaming her name, including me, and every once in a while she'd look over and give a wave or blow a kiss.

When she had finally come over to my direction, I was going insane!!! I just kept screaming her name and yelling!!! She came straight for me - looking at me!!! She was looking right into my eyes with her face all lit up, happy, and smiling! I told her she was the meaning of my life and that I loved her so much!!! Her smile grew even bigger! I then gave her my picture to sign and when she was done signing, I thanked her and kept telling her how much I love her. When she went to go sign the pic of the person beside us, my mom told her how much I loved her (again lol) and told her how I have pictures of her all over my bedroom wall - that one of my walls is just filled with pics of her (it really is ).

She was like "Awwwee!" and came back over to me! When my mom finished telling Liv how big of a fan I was, Liv smiled really big, put her hands around my face, and kissed me on the cheek! Everyone around us started screaming and going crazy! I just stood there in shock! I was like OMG! Thinking like "Did that just happen?!!"

I have a custom made Liv Tyler shirt, and so I wore it to the premiere. After she had kissed me, she looked down at my shirt and was like "That's the awesomest shirt I've ever seen!!! Omg!" And like moved my hair out of the way to see it! I looked up at her replying "I can't even believe you're standing here in front of me!!!" and went to touch her arm. When I touched her arm, she took my hand and held it for a while. Her eyes are so beautiful. So big and blue. And she was looking right into mine! I then asked if she could please take a picture with me. She bent down and leaned her head right against mine for the photo. I thanked her and told her I loved her once more. When she had went to leave, I remembered to tell her that I was a member of her fan club saying "I'm a member of your fansite!! Lovely Liv Tyler!! Lovely Liv!!!" lol! She looked back at me smiling and nodding. Liv signed a couple more pics, and finally left to go into the theatre...

Liv&Me Custom made shirt

I then bawled my eyes out on the way home I couldn't, and still can't believe that all of that happend It was beyond amazing!

I then got James Gunn's autograph and pic with him He's so cool!! I told him that I'm LivTylerFan on Twitter and that I'm the one he's been talking back and forth to about SUPER/TIFF He was all like "Ohhh yeahhh! I remember youu! " Lol! I also shook Rain Wilsons hand and got Ellen Page's autograph

I will never forget what happened tonight It was literally the best night of my life. Liv Tyler is the most amazing, beautiful, down to Earth person on this planet. Meeting her meant the world to me and was a dream come true .

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