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Royston Langson's Biography

Royston Langdon, Liv's husband (aka the luckiest man in the world!), is the lead singer and bass player of the Rock band SpaceHog.

Already as a child he showed his musical talent. At age 7 he and his brother Antony were singing at the Leeds Parish Church choir, a few years after that he performed in a band called - RVATS, some of the songs having been written by him. As a teenager, he and his brother formed bands of their own.

In 1994 Roy and his brother formed Spacehog. Not long after that Roy come to New York City where Spacehog signed their first record deal. Roy also played bass for other bands including Cube and Lemonheads.

Lovely Liv Tyler Website
Roy playing a song live...
Lovely Liv Tyler Website
Roy singing a song live...

In 1995 Spacehog released their debut album - Resident Alien which was a big success with the hit song - In the Meantime. In 1998 Spacehog released their second album - The Chinese Album.

At the summer of 1998, Roy began dating Liv, and 3 years after that - in February 14, 2001, they got engaged - after Roy proposed to Liv on Valentine's day.

In April 2001 Spacehog released their third album - The Hogyssey, most of which was written by Roy. He wrote the album with the inpiration of Liv, as he said - "Liv in many ways has been my inspiration and muse for this record." You can listen to some of the songs from the album at Spacehog's official site.
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In May 2001 Spacehog went on a tour with Oasis and The Black Crowes. Liv joined them for most of the tour along with her friend - Kate Hudson - who is the wife of Chris Robinson from The Black Crowes.

Liv and Roy started dating at the summer of 1998. In Februaty 2001 - they got engaged, and in March 25th 2003, the couple got married.