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Lovely Liv Tyler Website Liv and Roy on the Lord Of the Rings premiere
Liv and Royston love relationship

Liv Tyler and Royston Langdon have been linked since 1998, when the now-26-year-old actress split with longtime boyfriend Joaquin Phoenix, her co-star in the 1997 film Inventing the Abbotts. Since then Liv and Roy has shown her love and it has ended in a marriage this month in ther Caribean.

On Valentine's Day of 2001, Liv and Royston got engaged. That summer she got involved in a gig of Royston's band Spacehog across the USA supporting The Black Crows and Oasis.

Liv and Roy have been supporting themseleves a lot, Liv attending Roy's gigs and Roy coming with her to the movies previews of Lord Of The Rings.

Liv has always shown how much she loves Roy. Here's an except of what she said to W Magazine: "I'm madly in love,it's amazing to be able to feel, three years later, more in love than I did even when we first met. When I see him, I blush. Constantly."

Year 2002 started with the couple renewing a house they had bought some months before in Greenwich Village area in New York. That was a sign they pretended to get engaged and eventually get married as finally has happened

In March 2002 they took a deserved holiday days together on Barbados. They enjoyed the beach as the picture in this page denotates.

The couple also had a wedding to attend this year...Liv's mother got married to Jim Wallerstein and Liv and Roy were celebrating it with Liv's family.

Later on the summer Spacehog split up and Royston started the solo career. Liv as had always done was supporting him at the gigs he did.

Lovely Liv Tyler Website What a great couple they do...

At the end of the year, Royston show her love to Liv dedicating his new video "Cool Water" to her by including her in the videoclip. Liv appeared swiming on a pool.

The year 2003 started with Roy touring again, this tiem with Todd Rundgren (Liv's father figure in her childhood) Here's what a reviewer of the gig said: "I got to visit with Todd, Royston and Liv a little after the show, and when I told Royston how strong I felt his performance had been, you could see the pride on Liv's face. Royston and Liv seem to be quite close. It's sweet. "

A rumour appeared that the couple were going to marry in the summer in Leeds, but as we know so far it was indeed only a rumour ;-) "The Lord of the Rings star is set to tie the knot in Headingley, Leeds. Her rock star fiance Royston Langdon, who fronts Spacehog, is from the area."

And finally on April 2003 we got the news that Liv and Roy got married in a private ceremony at a villa in the Caribbean on March 25. This was the happy ending of 5 years of relationship.

Lovely Liv Tyler Website Liv and Roy showing her love
Lovely Liv Tyler Website Liv and Roy enjoying the sun


Lovely Liv Tyler Website
Liv and Roy on the Lord Of the Rings premiere