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Another interesting weekend as Wildling will be released in the UK, and Liv's mom Bebe Buell is releasing a new album!

As Wildling continues to be screened on selected theaters and on steaming services (Amazon, iTunes, Google Play etc.) in the USA, the film will get (a much wider) theatrical release this weekend in the UK
More info at WB's Wildling page (WB is the distributor of the film in the UK)

Liv's mother Bebe Buell is releasing a new album called "Baring It All: Greetings From Nashbury Park" - with 12 songs. You can buy her new album on Amazon.

Click here for more info at Bebe's official site!

Liv and David (accompanied by friend Kate Hudson) attended Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk's engagement party, last night in LA

More photos at Daily Mail!

Celebration!! a new Liv's movie on the big screen!

Wildling, Written and directed by Fritz Bohm, Staring Bel Powley, LOTR veteran Brad Dourif, James Le Gros, Troy Ruptash and of course our very own Liv (which is also one of the producers) - opens this Friday in the USA!

The less good news is that it will be available in NYC, LA and Kansas City only (that's the life of an independed film).

If you happen to be in those cities - you can order your tickets online at movietickets.com

If you're on another US city - the film will be available on some VOD services - check with your cable/media supplier!

If you're on the UK - you'll have to wait one more week, as the movie will be released on April 20th!

For rest of us, until we'll find a way to watch it, there is the trailer and 5 clips on IFC Youtube channel!

Lets cheers for a Wildling weekend!

Liv and other cast members attended a special screening of Wildling last night in New York

More photos at WireImage, GettyImages, Rex and Newscom

Wildling will be released this weekend (April 13)

Update: article from the screening/premiere at Vogue

Update 2: Also on Just Jared

Update 3: Liv did also talk to CNN at the screening, interesting read - Click!

ET Online posted new video clip from Liv's new movie Wildling

Click here to watch it!

Update: Also on YouTube!

Update 2: Another clip on YouTube!

Wildling will be relased next weekend (April 13) in the US

Liv's dad Steven Tyler is 70 years young today (born March 26th 1948)

Happy Birthday Steven!

Steven will be touring this Summer in the US (solo project, no Aerosmith)

Steven is also the founder of Janie's Fund.

Thank you Steven for 70 years of Rocking This Way!

Update: Liv wrote on her Instagram:
Happy happy birthday to you my darling daddy!!!!! 70 years young and 70 years wise. So proud to walk this earth with you. To be born a part of your wolf pack. Thank you for teaching me to never take no for an answer. To always ask more questions. To really look and really listen and to really feel everything. To feel joy and gratitude even when things don't go as planned. To stop and smell alllll the roses along the way even if we get lost doing so. To stand up for and fight for what you believe in . To read between the lines and listen for the hidden rhythm in everything in life. You are a force to be reckoned with , a true inspiration and when you open your mouth to sing you light up the whole world. Thank you . Happy birthday daddy. May all your dreams come true. I know you'll be working hard to find them @iamstevent I love you !!!!

AND also posted some oldie photos of Steven, and Sailor and Lula greeting him "Happy Birthday Papa" - Click here!

A day after the trailer for Wildling was released, Liv has finished her Harlots filming - and posted photo of herself in costume and another video of her dancing in half costume ..

Liv did also wrote:
That's a wrap !!! #TGIF @harlotsonhulu when your so excited to get that corset off and wonder how any woman ever survived before @adidasoriginals track suits!!! Could'’t help but have a little dance of joy and freedom , in my trailer by the fake fire ( real heat ) half of me in the 2000’s but my hair still in the 1700's

Liv's friend James Brown posted another 'dancing Liv' video, and wrote:
My @misslivalittle seems happy shes just finished shooting #harlots only she can rock a 17 century wig with a adidas tracksuit and still look amazing

There is still no release date for the new season of Harlots - when there will be one, we'll update.

EW.com has just posted the trailer for Wildling!

Click here to watch it!

Updae: Also on YouTube!

Wildling will be released on April 13th

Liv's new film Wildling was premiered last night at SXSW 2018 festival in Austin, Texas.

The local Fox 7 TV reported about the premiere, and interviewed director Fritz Bohm and actor Troy Ruptash - and also showed a short clip from the movie - with our Liv and Bel Powley!

Click here for the full report!

Update: the Rotten Tomatoes posted some new photos form the movie (and also posted the first review - positive (yay!) )

Wildling will be screened twice more on SXSW - March 12th and March 15th, click here for the full schedule.

Theatrical release on April 13th!

The Strangers, remember?
Liv's hit horror movie from 2008 is getting a remake The Strangers: Prey at Night which will be released this weekend in the US (Unfortunately, Liv is not part of this movie).

Coincidentally (or not), the original movie is getting a special "Collector's Edition" Blu-Ray release today (March 6th) - Check it out on Shoutfactory.com

But the real deal should will be on Saturday, when Liv's NEW movie Wildling will be premiered on SXSW 2018 Film Festival (will be released to theaters on April 13th)
Screen times and more info at SXSW 2018 website

Meanwhile, the film's distributer IFC posted a new photo from the movie on their website!