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50 years ago Neil Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the moon.

In a gesture to this historic event the the team of Ad Astra posted a special teaser trailer - with some new glimpses from the movie.

Ad Astra will be released on September 20th.

Rolling Stone magazine posted a video interview with Liv - talking about Elvish, "Crazy", Gene Simmons, Pantene and more!

Click here to watch!

Episode 2 of Harlots 3 is now streaming on Hulu!

HarlotsonHulu Instagram posted two behind-the-scenes clips with Liv talking about her outfits with designer Richard Cooke, and talking about Hair&Makeup process

Click here for outfits clip
Click here for Hair&Makeup clip

Liv's mom Bebe Buell is celebrating her birthday Today (July 14th) !

Happy Birthday Bebe!

Check Bebe's Official Site

The New York Times magazine posted a new interview with Liv, with some new photos!

Click here for the interview at NY Times website!

The third season of Harlots is out today on Hulu!

For more info and behind-the-scenes photos, visit HarlotsHulu@Twitter, fitzwells@Twitter and HarlotsHulu@Instagram

  • Happy Birthday
  • Lula Rose Gardner is three years old Today!
    Have the best of birthday dear Lula!
    LLT team

Liv is on the cover of NY Post's Alexa Magazine, with new photos and new interview - talking about Harlots 3, Ad Astra and more!

Click here for the full interview (and more photos!)

Click here for Alexa on Instagram

Update: Behind the scenes video at photographer's Joshua Jordan's Instagram!

  • Happy Birthday
  • Two years after the big 4-0, it is a new birthday and a very meaningful year for Liv,
    (and not only because 42 is the meaning of life!)
    With two new projects, including one on the silver screen, the next year is going to be exciting!

    Have a great 42nd dear Liv!

    From your loving fans, LLT team
Head to Liv's Birthday Special!
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LLT Team
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The trailer for the third season of Harlots is online!

Click here to watch the trailer on YouTube!

Harlots 3 will be released on July 10th on Hulu